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Welcome to the World’s End

Welcome to World’s End! This middle book in the Dormia trilogy takes place a few years after Alfonso’s first adventures. Below is a brief description of the book. You’ll also find additional information about the catamaran you see on the World’s End cover. Enter hypnogogia and discover even more content!

About World’s End: Ever since returning from Dormia, Alfonso has enjoyed sleeping in a bed like a normal person.  No more waking up at the top of a tree or the edge of a cliff. In fact, no sleepwalking at all.

But then, while visiting France on a class trip, Alfonso feels that strange and familiar pull of sleep. Upon waking, he finds himself in the belly of a ship headed to Egypt. In his backpack are a few old books and a vial of medicine he stole while asleep.

Something is calling Alfonso back to Dormia. Perhaps it’s the Founding Tree?  Or perhaps it's the man he sees in his dreams—the one who looks just like his deceased father? Whatever it is, Alfonso is powerless to resist.

Storytellers Jake Halpern and Peter Kujawinski take Alfonso on another fantastical quest to Dormia-and beyond-to a vast underground world that holds the answer to a terrifying message: "Let me tell you of a dark shadow tree and the world's end."

*World’s End* at Houghton Mifflin's website

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